HMI Repair

HMI Repairs & Programming

Omron HMI Automation RepairHuman Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are increasingly becoming indispensable in modern manufacturing plants. HMI's however, are also one of the most frequently damaged and miss configured automation production on the line.

From power supply failures, to re-programming software right to replacing the entire screen, our team of technicians can restore and repair HMI's to meet end user requirements. More Control can retrofit your older CRT screen with a new LCD screen, adding years of life and service to existing equipment.

Human Machine Interface Monitor Failures

Monitor & HMI failures can usually be predicated ahead of time. The screens may fold over at the edges or may flicker and become dull over time. It is smart practice to refurbish a HMI at the first signs of a problem as you can plan for an appropriate time for machine stoppage instead of having an unplanned downtime in your plant. More Control can repair most types of both manual and touch screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) Units including CRT, LCD, Plasma and TFT.

Omron HMI Automation Repair More Control will try to fix your HMI first, however, if parts are no longer available, we have the technical knowledge to select and integrate a suitable replacement HMI into your existing system.

If you have a faulty HMI, or believe your HMI needs repairing or re-programming, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400 and we can ensure your HMI is fully functional towards your end user needs.

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