Stadium Lighting Control

Stadium Lighting Control

More Control Lighting Control Applications More Control has provided systems to control the lighting and power monitoring at various facilities across the UK. In particular, More Control has supplied lighting systems for various industrial building and many famous British sporting stadiums including Manchester and a stadium in Wembley.

As regulations for the use of energy and energy consumption is increasingly on the rise, there is subsequently a greater need and demand in the market to accurately monitor energy use in buildings.

The lighting control systems that were implemented were part of a robust system, controlled locally via switches and touch screens and networked back to PC's which provided enhanced functionalities for the lighting such as building wide scene control and scheduling.

Using PC based lighting controls enabled different lighting solutions to be programmed for the different uses and events. As well providing greater flexibility, the PC based solution offered greater levels of energy economy, switching on only those lights which are necessary in the areas required and for the correct allocation time.

Stadium in Wembley

More Control Lighting Control Applications More Control was responsible for the software for the Clipsal C-Bus lighting management system for a well known Stadium in Wembley.

Whilst many other large industrial buildings also have a mix of scenarios with different areas needing different light levels, large stadiums have the added complication of the amount of power required to bring on all the lights for national and international competitions.

Full power for the main flood lights has to be phased on and monitored to ensure that the capabilities of the incoming power feeds, the internal switch gear and cabling are not exceeded. The stadium had a networked lighting control system throughout, controlling lighting across the whole stadium and its exterior, including the pitch, the concourse and circulation / service areas, through to the iconic arch.

The lighting control system employed provides scheduled lighting control with integrated event lighting management taking the entire stadium through stages, starting several hours before an event, during the event itself, right down to the safe departure of thousands of fans after the event.

Traditional flood lighting systems were combined with "hot strike" lamps capable of creating lighting effects during concert events. Large areas of the stadium can be controlled using a small number of simple controls, enabling fast and reliable control throughout the stadium.

The lighting system installed comprises of a dual PC configuration, with full redundancy in case of PC failure, liked to multiple Clipsal C-Bus networks, comprising of hundreds of relay units, dimmers and local switches controlling thousands of individual lamps.

More Control Lighting Control software solution enables the user to have:

More Control Lighting Control Solutions

  • Flexibility - manual or automatic control with full scheduling features.
  • Security - the ability to control not only which users can access the system but also when, and to provide an audit trail.
  • Complete Control - scenes can control whole areas (e.g. one level or quadrant of the stadium) or by function (all corridors or toilets areas).
  • Energy Saving - switching lights off when not needed and managing intermediate levels of lighting using perhaps 50% of light fittings.
  • Maintenance Saving - lights can be used in rotation giving all lights in a particular area equal use.
  • Area Scene Setting - Zones within a room/area can be controlled individually to create the right atmosphere, however the room is utilised.

If you have a lighting control application that you wish to have designed or developed, feel free to contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400 and one of our technical engineers can provide a consultation to determine the ideal system to suit your lighting control needs.

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