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SMC Air Preparation Products

SMC Pneumatics can provide all air purification and air preparation industrial needs with a comprehensive product range which includes after cooler, dryers, filters, regulators, lubricators and pressure boosters

Filtration levels ranging from 5 microns down to 0.3 and 0.01 microns, SMC can provide exceptionally high levels of air purification. Purification can be further improved with SMC's range of super mist separators and clean air & gas filters.

SMC offers pressure regulation, encompassing high pressure to high precision with further options available from compact manifold regulators to miniature regulators. The assembly range of modular combinations of filters, regulators, lubricators, soft start and shut off valves are also fully supplied by SMC to meet end user requirements.

SMC Filters

SMC Pneumatics Air FiltersSMC filters remove solid impurities such as rust, dirt particles and water droplets from compressed air. SMC manufacturers a range of filters, from M5 to 2 port size. SMC filters are suitable for applications ranging from small test instruments to largest industrial plants.

For most general industrial pneumatic applications, SMC use a standardised 5 micron filter element. For finer levels of filtration, SMC can achieve filtration as low as 0.01 microns. In addition, where odour free air is demanded, SMC also provide an odour removing filter.

Main Features:

  • Port sizes: M5 to 2
  • Filtration levels 5, 0.3 and 0.01 microns
  • Clean gas filters for general gases used in industry
  • Water separator for the removal of water droplets

SMC Regulators

SMC Pneumatics Air RegulatorSMC Regulators help improve efficiency by reducing component wear by lowering energy costs. SMC offer a range of standard and compact regulators (ARJ series). High pressure solutions are also available in the ARX (20 bar) and VCHR (50 bar) series. Compact manifold designs in the form of the ARM series allow for a number of regulators to be fitted into tight spaces.

For precise application, SMC offer the IR and ARP series of regulators. These SMC regulators allow for highly sensitive regulation, while the ITV electro pneumatic regulators allow for precise control of output pressure and are easily adjusted to meet user needs.

Main features:

  • Compact solutions; Port sizes: M5 to 1/8
  • Precision regulators: Sensitivity as low as 0.2% F.S.
  • High pressure regulation 20 and 50 bar ranges
  • Inset digital pressure gauge with switch outputs
  • Electro-pneumatic regulator.

SMC Precision Regulators

SMC Pneumatics Precision RegulatorsSMC Precision Regulators are used in numerous applications which require pressure control to closer tolerance than is available from conventional regulators.

For applications such as tension control, force control on pressing machines, leak testing or balance system, SMC can guarantee better process control with higher quality being met.

SMC precision regulators come in a range of port sizes and flow levels and are fully compatible with modular FRL assembles.

The SMC VEX range of precision regulators offers 0.2% sensitivity with port sizes ranging from as low as M5 to as high as 2. Best suited for balance applications, the SMC VEX range minimizes pressure fluctuations with its large volume supply / exhaust capability.

Main Features:

  • Selection of set pressure ranges within one unit.
  • High levels of sensitivity 0.2% F.S.
  • Port sizes: M5-2
  • Large orifice series available for high flow rate.

SMC Lubricates

SMC Pneumatics LubricatesSMC's range of lubricators includes modular components with port sizes from M5 to 1, large flow lubricators from 1 1/4 to 2 and centralised lubrication systems. Where lubrication is required, adding a small quantity of oil to compressed air reduces greatly wear and tear of pneumatic components.

Main Features:

  • Port sizes: M5 to 2
  • Large flow lubricators available
  • Centralised multi-point lubrication possible
  • Large bowl capacity possible

SMC Integrated Filter / Regulator Units

SMC Pneumatics Integrated FilterCombining both a regulator and filter into a single unit, SMC products offer space saving applications with matched performance and quality. The SMC range included standard filter/ regulators as well as regulator / mist separators and regulator / micro mist separator combinations.

Main Features:

  • Compact and space saving design
  • Port sizes:M5 to 3/4
  • Back flow mechanism available
  • Filtration of 5, 0.3 and 0.01 microns available

SMC Modular F.R.L Combination Units

SMC Pneumatics Modular Combination UnitsSMC now offer complete pre-assembled filter, regulator and lubricator combinations of products. These combinations simplify ordering, installation and can be assembled, tested and made to user specifications.

Main Features:

  • Various combinations available
  • Port sizes: M5 to 1
  • Modular design allows for space saving and easy installation
  • Compatible with pressure switches, soft start valve and safety pressure relief valve

SMC Dryers

SMC Pneumatics DryersSMC Refrigerated Dryers offer a cooling rating of 3–75kW. Compared with previous models, the new IDFA range offers a reduction in volume by 30% and in weight by 40%.

SMC Dryers offer vast energy saving benefits, by providing an increased level of air flow capacity and with using a stainless steel heat-exchanger,

The IDG Membrane Dryer reduces energy costs as it does not require the use of electricity to power and is compatible with dew points as low as –60°C.

The ID heatless Dryers provide dry air at dew points as low as –50°C and offers flow rates of 100 to 9751/min. Compact and light weight in design, these Dryers are constructed without a heater and electric control board. Checking of the dryers dew point is made easy with built in indicators. (Not CE Marked).

Main Features:

  • Improved corrosion resistance due to the stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Energy saving with the use of a high performance heat exchanger
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants: R134a & R407A
  • IDFA Series-CE marked

SMC Soft Start Valves

SMC Pneumatics Soft Start ValvesSMC Soft Start Valves reduce and gradually increase downstream pressure which is supplied to actuators from a safe low initial value, to the higher values that machines demand. The soft start valve protects personnel and equipment from sudden shock loads which can damage components or injure people. With the growing emphasis in industry on the safety of workplaces, the need for a safe start up of machinery has lead to the development of the SMC soft start valve.

Main Features:

  • With supply/exhaust function by manual operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Connectable with modular type F.R.L combination unit

SMC Pressure Boosters

SMC Pneumatics Pressure BoostersSMC Pneumatic pressure booster are twin piston pressure intensifies which are designed to raise the pressure of compressed air by non-electrical means. SMC pressure boosters are ideal for use in applications where a small number of end of line components lack power due to lower than optimum mains air pressure. By boosting pressure to a higher level with this product, larger forces can be generated, without the complication of installing compressors, electrical control and added pipe work.

Main Features:

  • Improved service life: doubled that of conventional model
  • Reduced noise: reduced by 13 dB (A) compared with the conventional model
  • Improved reliability: built-in mesh filter at IN port
  • Anti-condensation: integrated air-feeding tube with the main tube
  • Each booster is available with a specifically designed tank (VBAT)

SMC Pressure Gauges

SMC Pneumatics Pressure GuagesSMC Pressure Gauges assist with plant maintenance to identify when compressed air filters are clogged and when filter elements require a replacement. SMC pressure gauges include general purpose, oil free, copper free, digital, clean gauges and a pressure gauge with built in switch. A portable manometer allows for pressure measurements to be taken at any time and is compact and lightweight.

Main Features:

  • Oil free and copper free specifications available
  • Selection of pressure ranges from 0 - 0.2 to 0-20 Bar
  • Pipe connection: 1/16 - 1/4
  • Clean room gauge also available
  • Limit indicator allows for easy inspection

SMC Miscellaneous Air Preparation Equipment

Compressed air can sometime reach high temperature and when it cools, large volumes of water can be deposited in the airline system. These water deposits can be problematic but can be easily reduced by installing an after cooler immediately after the compressor. SMC manufacturers both water cooled and air cooled units.

SMC provide a selection of auto drains to remove the build up of condensate in air receiving vessels and pips. Once installed, it eliminates the need for manual maintenance of drains.

Main Features:

  • Air and water after coolers available for moisture removal
  • Motorised auto drains available for ongoing maintenance
  • Heavy duty auto drains allow for large water volume removal

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