SMC Instrumentation

SMC Instrumentation

SMC Pneumatics SMC Pneumatics is a worldwide leading expert in the field of pneumatic automation and control solutions. Utilising the latest cutting edge technology, SMC Pneumatics develops numerous pneumatic solutions across several industries around the world. Central to SMC Pneumatics ability to provide pneumatic products and solutions are their investments into research technologies and new production methods.

SMC range of actuator positioners provide accurate positioning of linear and rotary valves with rugged construction, high repeatability and ATEX compliance. Other SMC products suitable for process industries are air filters and regulators, pneumatic relays, pressure transducers and switches.

SMC Air Preparation

SMC Pneumatics Air FiltersComplimenting the comprehensive range of air preparation equipment, SMC provide IW series instrumentation filter regulators. The rugged construction of this unit makes it ideal for field installation. With a 5 micron filter rating, the IW series prevents moisture and dust in the air line from reaching delicate instrumentation products.

Main Features:

  • Port size: 1/4
  • Pressure range: 0.2 to 2, 3 or 5 bar
  • Flow rate: 400 l/min at 5 bar
  • Filtration rating: 5 micron
  • Body material: aluminium alloy

SMC Positioners

SMC Pneumatics PositionerSMC Positioners are instruments which play a vital role in the proportional control valves and actuators in the process and instrumentation industries. SMC Positioners convert signals they receive into an equivalent proportional position of the process valve or actuator to which they are mounted. The SMC range of positioners varies from electrical to pneumatic input signals.

Main Features:

  • Linear/Rotary positioners
  • Pneumatic input positioners
  • Electro-pneumatic input positioners
  • ATEX compliant positioners
  • IP200 suitable for standard pneumatic cylinders

SMC Relays

SMC Pneumatics RelaysFor pneumatic instrumentation, the use of SMC Relays aids in providing adding safety features through the use of boosters; lock up valves and reversing relays. An SMC booster relay amplifies pressure or flow rate while a lock up valve will close off a single or double output in the event of a supply pressure failure.

An SMC reversing relay provides an output pressure inversely proportional to the input signal to control and balance of input / output signals.

Main Features:

  • Booster relay port size: 1/4 and 3/8
  • Booster relay flow rate: Up to 600l/min
  • Lock-up valve port size: 1/4
  • Lock-up valve configuration: single, or double acting
  • Reversing relay port size: 1/4

SMC Regulators & Switches

SMC Pneumatics Regulator SwitchesSMC electro pneumatic regulators control the output air pressure or vacuum pressure in direct proportion to an electrical input signal.

Main Features:

  • Electro-pneumatic regulator pressure range: -100kPa to 9 bar
  • Port size range: 4mm push-in to 1/2
  • Input signals: 4-20m Amp, 0-20 mAmp, 0-5VDc, 0-10VDc
  • Pressure switch port size: 1/4, 3/8
  • Pressure range: -100kPa to 10bar

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