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Contrinex Capacitive Sensors

Contrinex Industrial Electronics Contrinex capacitive sensors are used in machines & installations for monitoring liquid levels, pastes or bulk materials.


Contrinex capacitive sensors are suitable as limit switches, contact free position switching, monitoring and positioning, pulse generators and for counting purposes, distance and speed measurement.

Capacitive sensors can control directly electronic circuits, PLC's as well as relays or contactors.

Resistant to dirt and shock, Contrinex capacitive sensors are IP67 rated. Available as 4-wire switches in sizes M12, M18 & M30 (PNP or NPN with changeover outputs) and 2-wire switches (AC/DC) in sizes M18 & M30.

Contrinex Capacitive SensorsContrinex capacitive sensors come enclosed in either synthetic or metal housing and are potted in epoxy resin. Equipped with a 20-turn potentiometer, Contrinex capacitive sensors allow for adjustment of operating distances which can either be longer or shorted than the rated operating distance. Under ideal conditions, an operating distance of up to the maximum given value can be set.

Contrinex capacitive sensors are available in cylindrical housing sized from M12 to M30 and cubic forms with sensing distances of up to 70mm. All capacitive sensor models are optimised for operating distances for an improved switching behaviour.

Contrinex capacitive sensors deliver a solution even for the most difficult sensing tasks.

Contrinex Capacitive Sensors Main Features:

  • Synthetic or metal housings
  • 4- or 2-wire devices
  • Adjustable operating distances
  • For the detection of all kinds of materials

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