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Contrinex Ultrasonic Sensors

Contrinex Industrial Electronics Contrinex Ultrasonic sensors are available as diffuse and reflect sensors, with switching or analogue outputs (M18 devices) with 1 or 2 switching outputs / analogue and switching outputs in the same device (M30).


Contrinex Ultrasonic sensors are used as a contact free sensor in many areas of automation. Ultrasonic sensors measure distances in air, evaluating the absolute distances between the sensor and target object. When the target object enters the ultrasonic sensing area, the echo it causes as it passes through activates the sensors to switch the device.

Contrinex Ultrasonic Main features

  • Ready-to-connect compact devices
  • Short cylindrical housings of 63.5 mm
  • High excess gain, therefore insensitive to dirt and ambient noise
  • Detection independent of target's color, shape, material and surface structure
  • Reduced blind zone
  • Low current drain
  • Adjustment by means of external teach-in
  • Diffuse sensors feature background suppression
  • High degree of protection: IP67

Contrinex Ultrasonic Sensor Models:

Contrinex Photoelectric Sensor 1000Diffuse Sensors:

With Contrinex diffuse sensors, the target functions as a reflector. As soon as an object enter the sensing area, its echo causes the device to switch.

Reflex Sensors:

Contrinex Sensors, a fixed reflector is mounted facing the device. The switching range is set to this reflector. If an object comes between the ultrasonic proximity switch and the reflector, the sensor no longer recognises the latter which causes the output to switch.

Through Beam Sensors

Contrinex through beam sensors consist of an emitter and a receiver placed opposite each other. If an object comes between them, the sound is interrupted causing the output to switch.

Contrinex Ultrasonic Device series 1180/1181 & 1300/1303 can be synchronized with each other by connecting outputs (pin 2 for N.O, pin 4 for N.C). It is possible to mount ultrasonic sensors very close to each other without mutual interference.

A fourth connection can be used as an external release input allowing the sensors to be activated or deactivated with an external control (without switching the supply voltage). An external multiplex operation can be happen by switching the Contrinex Ultrasonic sensors on and off one after each other via a release input.

For optimum adaptation to application use, Contrinex ultrasonic sensors 1180/1181 and 1300/1301 can be programmed with a PC interface device. The 1180/1181C and 1180/1181W devices are adjustable by teach in by the device connection.

Contrinex manufacture five distinct models of Ultrasonic Sensor with diverse operating functions. Contrinex Ultrasonic sensors start with diffuse and reflex sensors with a housing size of 40mm x 40mm and a sensing range of 0 to 200mm.

Next level up of sensors is the M18 size diffuse sensor with a sensing range of 0 -700mm and the M18C size with a sensing range of 100-700mm. The M18W is a reflex sensor which provides a sensing range of 150- 1,000mm and the size of M30 is a thorough beam sensor for sensing items within a range of 200 to 1,300mm.

For more information about Contrinex Ultrasonic proximity sensors, contact More Control on 0345 00 00 400.

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