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Omron ZEN-10C Programmable Relays

Omron ZEN Programmable RelayThe Omron ZEN-10C Programmable Relay provides users with the choice of 4 different 10 I/O CPU units to fulfil all needed functionalities in control automation. Three models of Zen-10 (C1/C2/C4) are expandable up to 34I/O. The C3 variation has a fixed 10 I/O. All DC models have analogue input and a high speed counter input up to 150Hz. The C4 model is equipped with communications.

Main Features:

  • DC input/supply units have analogue input + high speed counter
  • The ZEN-10C4 has RS-485 communication
  • Expansion available with relay output or transistor output
  • ZEN-Kits the best choice to start!

Omron ZEN-20C Programmable Relays

Omron ZEN Programmable RelayThe Omron ZEN-20C Programmable Relays provide 20 I/O in one unit, 12 Inputs and 8 Output Relays or transistors. Ideally scalable, the ZEN-20C units are available in three different version starting from C1 with LCD display, control / program buttons, calendar and clock or C2 with LED status indication or C3 model with the same functions as the C1 but with fixed I/O.

Main Features:

  • ZEN-20C1/C2 expandable up to 44 I/Os
  • ZEN DC units have analogue input 0-10 VDC
  • DC models have as well high speed counter 150 Hz.
  • Expansion available with relay output or transistor output

Omron ZEN-8E Expansion Unit

Omron ZEN Programmable RelayThe Omron ZEN-8E Unit application provides three different expansion units in 35mm width ZEN housing. All expansion units have standard 4 inputs and 4 outputs. A maximum of 3 expansion units can be added to one CPU.

Main Features:

  • 4 inputs, 100 to 240VAC or 12 to 24VDC
  • 4 outputs, either relays or transistors (only DC models)
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • H 90 x W 35 x D 56mm

Omron ZEN-PA Power Supply

Omron ZEN-PA Power SupplyThe Omron ZEN Power Supply has the same housing as the 10 I/O CPU units. With a current / wattage output of 1.3A/30W, the ZEN-PA Supply covers enough power to supply the DC ZEN itself and the eventually used sensors. If required, a parallel operation is possible.

Main Features:

  • Output voltage 24VDC
  • Output current 1.3A
  • Capacity 30W
  • Allows parallel operation
  • H 90 x W 70 x D 56mm

For more information about the Omron ZEN range of Programmable Relays, contact More Control on: 0345 00 00 400.

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