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  • PLC Based Motion Controllers
  • Stand Alone
  • Servo Based
  • PC Based

Omron PLC Based Motion Controllers

Based on Omron's powerful PLC's, these motion modules provide a perfectly integrated automation system which does not compromise on performance.

Omron MCH72

Omron Motion Controller MCH72 The Omron MCH72 30 axes controller is capable of controlling up to 30 physical axes. Trajexia adds more scalability with a Motion Controller (based on CJ1 platform); the CPU offers a compact solution, including in one module digital I/O's, encoder port and MECHATROLINK-II master connection.

Main Features

  • Control of up to 30 servos or inverters
  • Selectable cycle time from 0.5 ms to 4 ms
  • Serial port for external encoder
  • Embedded Digital I/Os
  • Same instructions set as 16 axes stand-alone controller

Omron MC402

Omron Motion Controller MC402The Omron MC402 is a PLC based advanced motion controller. The Omron MC402 control 4 axes and up to 16 modules in the same PLC. The module controls the position speed or torque of the servo drive via an analogue output.

Main Features

  • Simple programming
  • Powerful motion commands
  • Multiple controllers in CPU
  • Registration input for every axis
  • True multi-tasking

Omron MC

Omron Motion Controller MCThe Omron MC module provides a closed loop control via analogue outputs for up to 4 axes and support G-Language for advanced, high speed, precision position control with the option of having several supportable modules per PLC CPU.

Main Features

  • Up to 4 axes with one unit and 76 axes per PLC CPU
  • Winding operations are easily controlled with traverse positioning
  • G-code programming
  • Multi-tasking
  • Linear, arc and helical interpolation

Omron Stand Alone Motion Controllers

The Omron stand alone platform offers a complete motion control solution from simple positioning to advanced co-ordinated motion. These motion controllers can be used as an independent system in combination with popular PLC brands since they support Ethernet, Profibus and DeviceNet communication. These motion controllers are equally powerful when used a total automation solution.

Omron Trajexia

Omron Motion Controller TrajexiaThe Omron Trajexia (TJ1) is Omron's new motion platform which provides the performance of a dedicated motion system, easy of use and full control to create the most versatile machines for today and tomorrow.

Main Features

  • 16 axes advanced motion coordination over a robust and fast motion link
  • Each axis can run complex interpolation moves, e-cams and e-gearboxes
  • Advanced debugging tools including trace and oscilloscope functions
  • Multi-tasking controller capable of running up to 14 tasks simultaneously
  • Open - Ethernet built-in, PROFIBUS-DP and Devicenet as options

Omron MP2200

Omron Motion Controller MP2200The Omron MP2200 is a motion control system that provides sequence, motion and process control. (Analogue and digital command modules capable of controlling 256 axes of motion.)

Main Features

  • Motion and sequence in one controller
  • Simple wiring
  • Auto-configuration
  • Multi-tasking
  • Multiple connectivity options

Omron MP2300

Omron Motion Controller MP2300The Omron MP2300 is a compact, multi axis machine controller that combines PLC sequencing and motion control functions in one package. High performance motion controller based on MECHATROLINK-II motion bus.

Main Features

  • Motion and sequence in one controller
  • Simple wiring
  • Auto-configuration
  • Multi-tasking
  • Ethernet, MECHATROLINK-II, Devicenet, Profibus and MemoBus

Omron Servo Based Motion Controllers

Omron Servo Based drive solutions are ideal for distributed motion control. Motion Controllers are available for simple point to point applications to advanced e-cam solutions.

Omron MCW151

Omron Motion Controller MCW151The Omron MCW151 motion controller is a powerful servo based controller. Complex motions such as cams, gears, linked axes and interpolation are made easy with a comprehensive BASIC command set.

Main Features

  • Controls 1 real axis, 1 virtual axis and a configurable third axis
  • One pulse-train output to control an additional axis
  • User-friendly and intuitive BASIC motion programming
  • Multi-tasking programming
  • 2 fast-registration inputs

Omron XtraDrive

Omron Motion Controller XtraDriveThe Omron XtraDrive provides an all in one servo drive and integrated motion controller. For applications which demand the highest levels of accuracy, the shortest cycle time in the most compact size and ability to connect to ProfiBus or CAN, the XtraDrive (XD) is the ideal solution. Complex motions such as cams, gears and linked axes are also available.

Main Features

  • Patented non-linear technique for tight control
  • Very low tracking error with no overshoot and zero settling time
  • The ideal drive for linear-motor control
  • Supports various servo-motor encoder types
  • Profibus embedded

Omron JUSP-NS600

Omron Motion Controller NS600The Omron JUSP-NS600 provides flexible and simple distributed control. The NS600 connects directly to the Sigma II and has several positioning modes, making it simple to configure. The NS600 supports a standard RS485/422 and discrete I/O control.

Main Features

  • Direct connection to servo drive
  • No programming language is necessary
  • Discrete I/O positioning control
  • Up to 16 servos can be connected via network
  • Parameters are maintained by the PLC

Omron PC Based Motion Controllers

The Omron PC Based Motion Controllers transforms a standard computer into a complete motion control solution. Seamless integration with the computer helps facilitate the development of customised applications.

Omron MP2100

Omron Motion Controller MP2100The Omron MP2100 is a powerful motion controller for computer based solutions. The Omron MP2100 is a high performance motion controller based on MECHATROLINK-II Motion Bus. The MP2100 can perform advanced motions such as e-cam, line synchronisation and multiple interpolation functions.


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