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Omron Ident Systems - Code Reading and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are technologies used to trace products at any stage in the factory floor. The Omron range of Ident Systems offers a complete selection of portable, fixed and network ready systems.

Omron RFID

The Omron RFID Systems for storage of specific object information by wireless communication. Omron's range of RFID systems are able to reliably process data, even under harsh environmental conditions e.g. on metal grounds, under chemical influences or high ambient temperatures.

Omron V640 SEMI RFID System

Omron V640 Semiconductor RFID SystemThe Omron V640 RFID system is ideally used for various semiconductor applications. Semiconductor applications require special product features in terms of resistance and protocols for Identification systems. The Omron V640 is able to provide communication with standardised glass transponders from Texas Instruments and SECS I/II protocol's as well.

Main Features:

  • Conformity to related SEMI standards (SEMI E99, E4 and E5)
  • Antenna dimensions conforming to SEMI E15.1
  • Reading/writing ability of glass multi-page transponders (TI)
  • Noise measurement function for best antenna performance
  • Serial Network connectivity (RS485) for operation of several controllers at the same time

Omron V670 High Speed RFID System

Omron V670 High Speed RFID SystemThe Omron V670 is a high speed RFID communications system based on 13,56MHZ to help detect fast identification processes with only 14ms of read time. FeRAM tags allow nearly unlimited read and write cycles and can be combined with Fluoro plastic designed antenna for wet or chemical environments.

Main Features:

  • High-speed communication with only 14 ms of read time
  • FeRAM battery-less tags for nearly unlimited operation cycles
  • Different tag shapes for various applications
  • Cost-effective RFID system with versatile useful communication functions
  • Fluoro plastic housed antennas for harsh operating conditions

Omron V680 Universal Material Handling RFID System

Omron V680 Universal Material Handling RFID SystemThe Omron V680 RFID system is used to track and trace internal material flow in assembly lines or material handling. The Omron V680 RFID is a ISO15693 compliant, FCC, ARIB and CE approved system operating at 13.56 MHz and features high resistance tags for harsh environments.

Main Features:

  • Compact tags for embedded mounting
  • Easy-to-use ID mapping software
  • Diagnostic function for easy setup

Omron Code Readers

The Omron Code Reader platform V400 combines high performance barcode / datamatrix reading with utmost simplicity.

Omron V400-F Fixed 2D Code Reader

Omron V400-F Fixed 2D Code ReaderThe Omron V400-F 2D Code Reader achieves the highest 2D Code Reading performance on challenging material and environmental conditions. The Omron V400-F is easy to operate and is suitable with a wide range of applications. To automatically adjust the settings for light and filter, a user only need to press the teach button once. The Omron V400-F can read any Code correctly independent of the quality or changing environment. The Omron V400-F is a compact system which is available with integrated lenses and lighting or as a C-Mount variant.

Main Features:

  • Easy adjustment of parameters
  • Accurate reading of Codes
  • Direct print marks on any material
  • Eliminate the effects of print quality and work piece changes

Omron V400-H Handheld 2D Code Reader

Omron V400-H Handheld 2D Code ReaderThe Omron V400-H combines high reading performance with ease of operation for mobile applications. The build in LCD monitor helps target the right position for the Omron V400-H in order to read the code and display measurement results immediately. Due to the excellent reading performance, direct market or strongly degraded codes can be identified. The read 2D code can be stored on an SD card or exported onto a PC for further processing. The Omron V400-H supports complete traceability of components in assembly lines where fixed readers do not fit.

Main Features:

  • Easy to use - Target, Touch & Go
  • Build-in LCD monitor for immediate display of results
  • Accurate - reading of direct print marks
  • Variable field of view

Omron V400-R1 Multi Code Reading

Omron V400-R1 Multi Code ReadingThe Omron V400-R1 is an easy to use multi code reader for both 1D and 2D codes. The Omron V400-R1 targets to read codes on paper and labels. A 360° rotated codes can be inspected. The Omron V400-R1 is small and compact and provides an ideal flexible space saving installation.

Main Features:

  • Accurate reading of Barcode and Data Matrix
  • Easy adjustment of parameters
  • 1.3 Mpixel CMOS image sensor
  • Flexible installation: front and side view variants

Omron V500-R5 Fixed Barcode Reader

Omron V500-R5 Fixed Barcode Reader DatasheetThe Omron V500-R5 if a fixed barcode reader for high speed processes. The Omron V500-R5 can read codes on labels in any industry for traceability of parts or packages.

Main Features:

  • Compact design
  • Easy installation & setup
  • Strong reading performance

Omron RFID

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