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Omron Industrial AutomationOmron temperature controllers, setting new standards in temperature control, ranging from compact mounting devices to high performance robust units.

Omron E5_C Compact Temperature Controller

E5_C Omron Temperature Controller The Omron E5_C temperature controller provides smart purpose built controlling functions, ease of operation, setup and outstanding visibility. With the option of 3 / 4 AUX outputs on board and other useful features, these slim line case controllers (60mm) are ideal.

Main Features:

  • Easy to set-up without power supply and operate intuitively via CX-Thermo software
  • Fast and precise regulation: 50ms sampling loop period time
  • Best contrast display using white LCD technology which is visible from a far distance and from any angle
  • Useful alarm and diagnosis functions for secure operations

Omron E5AN / E5GN Temperature Controller

E5AN / E5GN Omron Temperature Controller The Omron E5_N series of temperature controllers provide enhanced function and performance features such as improved indication, accuracy and preventive maintenance functions. These temperature controllers provide high density dual / triple LCD display with a viewing angle and a 3 colour change Process Value display for easy status recognition.

Main Features:

  • Control mode: ON/OFF or 2-PID
  • Control output: relay, hybrid relay, voltage (pulse) or linear current
  • Power supply: 100/240VAC or 24VDC/VAC
  • Easy PC connection for parameter cloning, setting and tuning
  • Easy set-up and operation

Omron E5_N-H / E5_N-HT Process Controller

E5_N-H / E5_N-HT Omron Temperature ControllerThe Omron E5_N-H range of temperature controllers is a universal digital process controller with improved accuracy, speed and process and control features.

Main Features:

  • Same Menu structure as E5_N
  • Fast (60ms) and Accurate (0,1%PV)
  • Universal inputs & modular outputs
  • Setpoint profile programmers (8x32 segments)
  • Valve Control

Omron E5_R / E5_R-T Customisable Controller

E5_R / E5_R-T Omron Temperature Controller The Omron E5_R series of controller provides users with high accuracy inputs (0.01°C for Pt100) and a 50ms sample and control cycle for all four loops. Ideal for application specific needs, this fast and accurate controller ensures solid, robust control. This range of controller can host multiple loops in one unit, the E5ER 2-loops and the E5AR 4-loops maximum.

Main Features:

  • Easy and clear read-out thanks to bright liquid Crystal Display
  • Exceptional versatility - multi-loop control, cascade control, and valve control
  • Easy integration with DeviceNet, Profibus or Modbus
  • SV programmer optional, 32 programs with up to 256 segments

Omron K8AB-TH Monitoring Relay

K8AB-TH Omron Temperature Controller This Omron temperature monitoring relay is designed specially for monitoring abnormal temperatures to prevent excessive temperature increases and to protect equipment. The Omron K8AB-TH provides accurate temperature monitoring in a slim design with a width of only 22.5mm.

Main Features:

  • Simple function settings using DIP switch
  • Selectable alarm latch and SV setting protection
  • Multi-input support for thermocouple or Pt100 sensor input
  • Changeover relay: fail-safe selectable
  • Alarm status identification with LED

Omron E5L Compact Temperature Controller

E5L Omron Temperature Controller The Omron E5L is a compact yet powerful ON/OFF temperature controller, provided with a sensor and is available in an analogue or digital versions.

Main Features:

  • Available in 4 application specific ranges
  • Sensor provided to enable immediate usage
  • High capacity output of 10A at 250VAC for direct load switching
  • Simple operation and setting. Even simpler with digital models

Omron E5CSV Temperature Controller

E5CSV Omron Temperature Controller The Omron E5CSV temperature Controller is a multi range 1/16 DIN controller with alarm functions which offers field selectable PID control or ON/OFF control. The large display shows process value, direction of deviation from set point, output and alarm status.

Main Features:

  • All setting fields configurable with switches
  • Multi-input (Thermocouple/Pt100)
  • Clearly visible 3.5-digit display with character height of 13.5 mm
  • Control output: relay, voltage (for driving SSR)
  • ON/OFF or 2-PID control with auto-tuning and self-tuning

Omron E5ZN Temperature Controller

E5ZN Omron Temperature ControllerThe E5ZN temperature controller is an In-panel, DIN rail mounted modular multi-loop temperature controller. The E5ZN controller consists of 22.5mm-wide modules with 2 channels per module. Via a RS-485 users can build up a maximum of 32 control loops. The modularity of the Omron E5ZN controller enables easy exchange and replacement of the individual modules.

Main Features:

  • Output: SSR, transistor, current, transfer outputs and event in- and outputs
  • Alarms and load-fail detection, LED indicators for status
  • Control mode: ON/OFF and 2-PID
  • Easy connection to PLC and HMI or PC
  • Configuration by separate setting unit (E5ZN-SDL) and tool software

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