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Omron Limit Switches

Omron Limit Switches Omron Industrial Automation: is a globally recognised manufacturer of industrial automation control systems and equipment, electronic components, automotive electronics, healthcare products and public transportation equipment.


Omron Limit Switches

The Omron range of limit switches provide high quality switches which bring easier, more effective switching solution to machines and systems. Omron Limit Switches are available with a variety of roller lever or plunger heads.

Omron Standard Switches

The Omron range of standard limit switches includes a number of easy to use and excellent-quality basic and limit switches. This range includes the Omron HL5000, D4A-N, WL and WLM limit switches configurations. The Limit Switches are all available in a wide variety of actuators and contact configurations.

Omron D4B Limit Switch

Omron D4B Limit Switch The Omron D4B series of Limit Switch in a rugged metal housing is suitable for both safety and non-safety applications due to its direct opening mechanism and TUV approval. The Omron D4B is an ideal choice for many applications from standard to demanding environments and for high flexibility in mounting and connectivity preferences. The Omron D4B has an enhanced temperature range and mechanical switching lifetime.

Main Features:

  • Direct opening mechanism and approval by notified body
  • Rugged metal housing and extended mechanical switching lifetime (snap action models)
  • Terminal block for direct wiring

Omron D4N Limit Switch

Omron D4N Limit Switch The Omron D4N series of Limit Switch comes in plastic housing and is an ideal switch for all standard mechanical position detection applications (both for safety and non-safety applications).

Main Features:

  • Direct opening mechanism and approval by notified body
  • Rugged plastic housing with double insulation
  • Wide range of actuators
  • M12 connectors or terminal block with M20 conduit

Omron Compact Switches

Omron D4C Compact Limit Switch Omron Compact Switches include the Omron D4C miniature enclosed switch and the D4CC miniature limit switch. These Omron switches are available in a wide variety of actuators and contact configurations.

Omron D4C Compact Limit Switch

The Omron D4C is a 16 mm flat, compact size limit switch, ideal for all standard applications where mounting space is limited or protruding housing may interfere with machine operation. The triple sealed construction, the rugged metal housing and precisely manufactured movable parts ensure long operational life in standard or oily environments (special models).

Main Features:

  • 16 mm flat compact size
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Models with M12 connector or oil resistant VCTF cable

Omron ZC Limit Switch

Omron ZC Limit Switch The Omron ZC series of Limit Switch has a compact housing size and terminal block with side facing cable exits to allow additional mounting where space is crucial and self wiring connections are preferred. The rugged and tight housing construction of the Omron ZC provides high protection while, low force actuators make this limit switch ideal for switching smaller or lighter objects.

Main Features:

  • Terminal block for self-wiring with side facing cable exit
  • Low-force actuators for switching smaller or lighter objects
  • Rugged metal housing with IP67 protection

Omron Basic Housing for Subassemblies

The Omron range of basic switches provides the same electrical and mechanical switching performances and lifetime as compact sized limit switches. The basic plastic housing makes these switches an ideal solution with best value for money for uncritical environments or for when separately encased with best value for money.

Omron Z Limit Switch (Basic Plastic Housing)

Omron Z Limit Switch Basic Plastic HousingThe Omron Z Series of basic limit Switches in plastic housing provides the same electrical and mechanical switching capabilities and lifetime as standard limit switches. However, with the basic plastic housing, these switches are an ideal solution for best value for money for use in uncritical environments or when separately encased into subassemblies.

Main Features:

  • Cost efficient basic plastic housing for subassemblies
  • Same electrical and mechanical switching ratings as standard limit switches

Omron Special Models

Omron provide a range of Limit Switches capable of working in special applications, such as high precision switches (D5A and D5F), VB multiple limit switches and the D5B and D5C switches. These Omron Limit Switches are all available in a wide variety of actuators and contact configurations.

Omron WL-_T, TZ Heat & Cold Resistant Limit Switch

Omron WL-T, TZ Limit SwitchThe Omron WL-_T Limit Switch provides ruggedness, reliability and the wide actuator range of the WL family and allows the direct usage in applications with temperature from 40°C up to 120°C. For applications with even lower or higher temperatures the TZ basic switch provides reliable operation from -65° up to 400°C for subassemblies.

Main Features:

  • -40°C to 120°C in rugged WL limit switch housing for direct usage
  • -65°C to 400°C in TZ basic housing for sub-assemblies

Omron D4B-_1, WLM Limit Switches

Omron D4B-_1, WLM Limit SwitchThe Omron D4B-_1 and WLM limit switches provides an optimized design of moving parts in addition to higher resistance to abrasion. This greatly enhances the mechanical switching life time to guarantee 30 million mechanical operations.

Main Features:

  • Optimized design of moving parts
  • Higher resistance to abrasion
  • Minimum 30.000.000 mechanical operations



Omron D5B Detect Objects in Multiple Directions

Omron D5B Detects Objects in Multiple DirectionsThe Omron D5B's detects objects in multiple directions with high sensitivity. This makes the Omron D5B ideal for switch usage in robotics. The Omron D5B operates even with a slight force and a slow action mechanism is used. The Omron D5B's movement differential is as small as 0.01mm, assuring high accuracy of detection.

Main Features:

  • High-sensitivity mechanical touch switch
  • Detects objects in multiple directions and operates with slight force
  • Movement differential of 0.01mm assures high accuracy of detection
  • Gold-plated contacts capable of switching micro current/voltage load
  • Highly resistant to dust, fine particles, water or oil splashes (IP67)

Omron ZX-T Smart Contact Measurement Sensor

Omron ZX-T Smart Contact Measurement SensorThe Omron ZX-T is ideal for applications where target objects may contain oil deposits and other micro structures. In this case contact measurement is the most reliable way.

Main Features:

  • Modular platform concept for different sensing technologies
  • Air-retracting types for automated inspection
  • Multipoint measurement with up to 8 sensors
  • Pressing force alarm prevents malfunction
  • Strong ball bearing structure assures long life time

Omron D4E, D4MC, WL, ZE, ZV Limit Switches

Omron D4E, D4MC, WL, ZE, ZV Limit SwitchesExtending the standard and compact limit switches the D4E, D4MC, WL, ZE and ZV families provide mounting alternatives.

Main Ranges:

  • The WL standard size provides a popular mounting shape and pitch in many countries
  • The D4E and D4MC compact size provide alternative housing sizes and mounting pitches
  • The ZE compact size provides diagonal mounting holes
  • The ZV compact sizes provides base mounting holes

Omron X, D4E, ZC, D4C, Z Limit Switches

Extending the standard and compact limit switches the D4C, D4E, X, Z and ZC families provide models for micro-load switching, high current at high VDC switching or models with split or maintained contacts.

Main Ranges:

  • The X family provides high current switching at high VDC (10A at 125VDC)
  • The D4C, D4E, Z and ZC families provide microload models in different housings
  • The Z family provides split contact and maintained contact models in basic housing

Omron D4E, SHL, WL Limit Switches

Omron D4E, SHL, WL Limit SwitchesExtending the standard and compact limit switches the D4E, SHL and WL families provide models with pre-wired connectors (pigtails), terminal blocks with alternative conduit sizes (PG13.5, G1/2, 1/2“14NPT), soldering contacts, screw on conduit covers and optional cable breakage protection.

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