Omron Sensing & Sensing Solutions

Omron Fibre optic Sensors Omron Industrial Automation: is a globally recognised manufacturer of industrial automation control systems and equipment, electronic components, automotive electronics, healthcare products and public transportation equipment.


Omron Photoelectric Sensors

Omron Photoelectric SensorsOmron Photoelectric sensors provide the highest reliability for object and passage detection form short to long distance, in special environments, for special mounting conditions, special objects or special connectivity requirements. From multi channel fibre optics to accurate background suppressed sensors to general purpose sensors, Omron can provide an ideal sensing solution to numerous sensing applications.

Omron Fibre Optic Sensing

Omron Fibre Optic SensorsOmron Fibre Optic sensing for high sensing performance with embedded intelligence for the most reliable operation and simple information sharing. The Omron range allows users to choose the performance they require from a portfolio of advanced amplifier and sensor head for even the most demanding applications.

Omron Inductive Sensors

Omron Inductive SensorOmron Inductive Sensors provide the highest reliability for machine part and metal object detection from short to long distance detection, in special environments, for special mounting conditions, special applications or special connectivity requirements.

Omron Rotary Encoders

Omron Rotary EncoderOmron Rotary Encoders allow users to choose the performance they require from incremental and absolute encoders providing different resolutions, shaft diameter and connectivity options.

Omron Measurement Sensors

Omron Measurement SensorsOmron Measurement sensor for the highest measurement performance on all kinds of surfaces and objects. The Omron smart sensors are the ideal answer for high speed, high resolution applications in any distance. The easy system integration of these sensors assures a “zero-defect process”

Omron Vision Sensors & Systems

Omron Vision SensorsOmron Vision Sensors & Systems offer varying degrees of intelligence to allow the most suitable solution to be selected for whatever end user application. From “easy vision” applications to high end, network ready and high resolutions vision engines.

Omron Ident Systems

Omron Ident SystemOmron Ident systems, code reading and radio frequency identification (RFID) are the innovative technologies to identify and trace products in any process on the factory floor. The Omron portfolio of Ident systems provides a complete range of portable, fixed and network ready systems to ensure that complete product tracking and product traceability can be easily implemented.

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