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Omron Measurement Sensors

Omron Distance/ Displacement Sensors

The Omron Smart Sensor series ZX and ZS enable the accurate displacement measurement on any surface. This sensing range includes laser, inductive and contact measurement variants to address various end user applications.


Omron ZX-E Smart Inductive Measurement Sensor

Omron ZX-E Inductive Measurement SensorThe Omron ZX-E offers the ideal solution for accurate measurement of metallic objects (Highly recommended for use in harsh environments such as automotive and metal working machines).

Main Features:

  • High resolution of 1 µm
  • High-speed response time of 150µs
  • Easy sensor head replacement
  • Modular platform concept for different sensing technologies
  • Easy linearity adjustment for any metal


Omron ZX-T Smart Contact Measurement Sensor

Omron ZX-T Smart Contact Measurement SensorThe Omron ZX-T sensor is ideal for applications where the target object may contain oil deposits or other micro-structures (Contact measurement is the most reliable method to detect objects).

Main Features:

  • Modular platform concept for different sensing technologies
  • Air-retracting types for automated inspection
  • Multipoint measurement with up to 8 sensors
  • Pressing force alarm prevents malfunction
  • Strong ball bearing structure assures long life time


Omron ZX-LD Smart, Fast and Accurate Laser Sensor

Omron ZX-LD Smart Laser SensorThe Omron Smart ZX-L offers plug & measure technology for applications where high resolution and fast response times are required. A wide range of interchangeable sensor heads provides greater flexibility in solving the most demanding applications.

Main Features:

  • Small and light sensor heads for easy integration
  • High speed response time of 150µs
  • Easy sensor head replacement
  • Scalability through a modular platform concept
  • Multipoint measurement with up to 5 sensors


Omron ZX1 High Performance Sensor

Omron ZX1 High Performance SensorThe Omron ZX1 is a high performance compact size sensor. Utilising an advanced HSDR-CMOS (High Speed and Dynamic Range) camera chip, Omron sensors are optimised to provide maximum detection and measurement.

Main Features:

  • Stable measurement for objects with any surface
  • Best in class performance for accuracy and speed
  • Compact size for quick mounting
  • Increased measurement range
  • Simple configuration by one-button, Smart Tuning
  • Reliable measurement in harsh environments
  • Integrated display


Omron ZX2 Laser Measurement Sensor

Omron ZX2 Laser Measurement SensorThe Omron ZX2 is highly accurate and stable, at an affordable price. The Omron ZX2 laser sensor offers the best in class performance for accuracy and speed for all linear displacement applications. Utilizing an advanced HSDR-CMOS image sensor, high measurement stability is achieved, even on the most challenging of surfaces.

Main Features:

  • One touch setup
  • Accurate: 1.5-5 µm
  • Any surface
  • High speed: 30 µs


Omron ZS-HL (Scalable High Precision Laser)

Omron ZS-HL Scalable Laser Sensor The Omron ZS-HL sensor offers a superb dynamic sensing range of all surfaces from black rubber to glass and mirror surfaces by simply scaling it to end user needs. The Omron ZS-HL is an enhanced variant of the ZS-L (applicable for longer measurement distances, and offers compatibility with sensor heads and accessories).

Main Features:

  • Highest resolution and dynamic sensing range for all surfaces
  • Modular and scalable platform concept for up to 9 sensors
  • Easy to use, install and maintain for all user levels
  • Fast response time of 110 µs
  • Multi-tasking capability - Manages up to 4 measurement tools in one controller

Omron Width-Measuring Sensors

Omron Smart Laser Micrometers can measure edges, diameter or position of objects. Accurate and stable results are delivered, independent of whether the surfaces are transparent, opaque or shiny. The Omron ZX thru-beam systems have a flexible measurement distance and can be scaled to increase the measurement range.

Omron ZX-GT Smart Laser Micrometer

Omron ZX-GT Smart Laser Micrometer SensorThe Omron ZX-GT smart laser micrometer complements the Omron Smart Laser measurement platform. The Omron ZX-GT is able to detect edges, measure diameters of objects and calculate precisely the position on all kind of materials. Based on CCD technology, the Omron ZX-GT achieves high accuracy and speed under difficult environmental conditions. Transparent objects, reflective surfaces or different positions do not have an influence on the result.

Main Features:

  • High accuracy: 5 - 10µm
  • All surfaces
  • Long sensing distance: < 500 mm
  • Line width up to 28mm
  • Calculation unit for multiple heads

Omron Profile (2D, 3D) Sensors

The Omron ZG2 Smart Sensor enables the ability to solve advanced profile measurements with highest accuracy in an easy way.


Omron ZG2 (Easy Profile Measurement)

Omron ZG2 Easy Profile Measurement SensorThe Omron ZG2 enables precise shape measurement on challenging materials and surfaces. An easy and intuitive user interfaces enables efficient installation, setup and operation. A built in LCD monitor indicates measurement results in real time.

Main Features:

  • Easy-to-use - intuitive user interface
  • Live - built-in LCD monitor for setup and immediate profile display
  • Versatile - 18 measurement tools
  • Accurate - 5 µm resolution (3 mm / 631 pixels)
  • Wide profiles - up to 70 mm

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