Safety Limit Switches

Omron Safety Limit Switches

Omron Safety Limit Switches Omron Industrial Automation is a globally recognised manufacturer of industrial automation control systems and equipment, electronic components, automotive electronics, healthcare products and public transportation equipment.


Omron Safety limit switches

Omron Safety Limit Switches precisely monitor the position of guards and covers on machines to protect workers. These switches limit access to dangerous parts of a machine. Omron Safety Limit Switches ensure that the guards and covers are in place before the machine is started.

Omron Safety limit switch plastic

The Omron Range of Safety Limit Switches in plastic housing covers all applications where sliding or hinged safety guards need to be monitored. The Omron D4N series offers maintenance friendly M12 connectors.

Omron D4N Limit Switch

Omron D4N Safety Limit SwitchThe Omron D4N series of Limit Switch in plastic housing is an ideal switch for all standard mechanical position detection applications, both for safety and non-safety applications.

Main Features:

  • Direct opening mechanism and approval by notified body
  • Rugged plastic housing with double insulation
  • Wide range of actuators
  • M12 connectors or terminal block with M20 conduit


Omron D4NH Safety Door Hinge

Omron D4NH Safety Door HingeThe Omron D4NH Safety Door Hinge Switch is available with one or two built in contact, shaft or arm level actuator and various conduit types, e.g. M20.

Main Features:

  • Direct opening mechanism
  • Shaft or arm lever actuator
  • Wide temperature range
  • Metric conduit and M12 connector types are available



Omron D4N-_R Safety Limit Switch (Manual Reset)

Omron D4N-_R Safety Limit SwitchThe Omron D4NR series is a complete line up of safety limit switches a manual reset. The Omron D4NR is available with one; two or three built in contacts and a wide range of actuator types. To set up, install and maintain, various conduit types eg M20 and M12 connectors are provided.

Main Features:

  • Direct opening mechanism
  • Various actuators
  • Pull-reset switches
  • Gold-plated contacts for handling micro loads
  • Metric conduit types available

Omron Safety limit switch (Metal)

Applications in mechanically demanding environments are covered by the Omron range of D4B-_N family.

Omron D4B-_N Limit Switch

Omron D4B-_N Limit SwitchThe Omron D4B series of limit switches in a rugged metal housing is suitable for both safety and non safety applications due to its direct opening mechanism and TÜV approval.

With the increased temperature range and enhanced mechanical switching lifetime, the Omron D4B is an ideal choice for applications, from standard to demanding environments and for highest flexibility in mounting and connectivity preferences.

Main Features:

  • Direct opening mechanism and approval by notified body
  • Rugged metal housing and extended mechanical switching lifetime (snap action models)
  • Terminal block for direct wiring

Omron D4F Safety Limit Switch

Omron D4F Safety Limit SwitchThe Omron D4F series is part of a slim size line up of safety limit switches. The Omron D4F range is available with 2 or 4 built in contacts. For easy set up, install and maintenance, pre-wired versions with various cables lengths are provided.

Main Features:

  • Slim-size housing
  • Direct opening mechanism
  • Roller or plunger actuators
  • Pre-wired versions

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